Flake broadcast flooring systems are extremely versatile in appearance and application to meet the needs of your commercial or industrial areas. Flake broadcast flooring is commonly recognized in garage floors and is not only limited to just your home garage. In fact, those same systems comprised of industrial grade materials have been applied to numerous types of automotive aspects like showrooms, parking garages, wash bays and more. Most flake broadcast systems provide a completely sealed yet textured surface that provide built in slip resistance, even with a lustrous sheen. Flake color options have also come a long way from the classic black, white and grey pallet most common in the automotive aspects. We provide countless flake colors and size options and even customized blends to meet the aesthetic visions you require for your business.

Providing a textured surface makes flake broadcast flooring a fantastic option for interior or exterior commercial settings. Surpassing the industry standard slip coefficient can put your mind at ease for those “slip and fall” worries. These systems also provide the added benefits of seamless top coatings that are highly chemical resistant, antimicrobial, antibacterial and easy to maintain. We also offer custom blends which mimic classic terrazzo flooring but with much higher durability against chemical etching and bacterial growth at a fraction of the price!

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