Flake broadcast epoxy flooring is most commonly recognized residentially in garages. However, with characteristics such as built-in texture for slip resistance, seamless luxurious finishes, high chemical and abrasion resistance with endless color options. Flake choices that mimic classic terrazzo flooring or create a scene all of your own for interior or exterior application. All Bright has found these flooring systems to be appropriate in many other applications.
Custom tailored flake systems for exterior applications such as pool decks, driveways, and patios boast the benefits of UV stability (resist color fading and ambering), non-skid additives can be added for those wet areas, moisture mitigations and seamless antimicrobial finishes making maintenance minimal. Working with All Bright to provide color blend creations to fit your palette will give you a custom floor with the many added benefits listed above that you may have never known possible!

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