“Neat” epoxy flooring is utilized in several commercial and industrial aspects. These systems provide a smooth finish that is seamless and highly durable with the sheen of the topcoat ranging from high luster to matte. Slip resistant additive can be added to these systems for use in wet areas such as commercial kitchen, walkways, service areas, ect. The main function of a “Neat” flooring system is to provide a durable floor with a clean look that is just that, neat.

Providing a high chemical resistance, the non-busy appearance of these floors work fantastic where cleanliness is a must. Ranging from airplane hangars to food processing plants and medical rooms such as surgery centers, any foreign object solid or liquid that lands on these floors can be easily spotted. With a smooth texture on the surface and the durability of industrial grade coatings, keeping these floors clean and neat is a breeze!

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